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Attention: Incoming 6th Graders, the Class of 2024! – Click here to ACTIVATE your I.S. 61 Google Classroom Account NOW!


Hello Morris Knights, Class of 2024 Students & Families!


To activate your Google Classroom Account follow these steps:


go to www.classroom.google.com


Each student’s I.S.61 email address is

  1. their entire first name,
  2. followed by their last initial
  3. and the last four digits of their OSIS number,
  4. then add @WilliamAMorrisIS61.org

For example, student John Smith with OSIS number 234567890 would access Google Classroom with username JohnS7890@WilliamAMorrisIS61.org (not gmail.com).

All student passwords are their full OSIS number. (You can locate your OSIS number on an old DOE report card.)


Using the same student sample, John Smith, his log-in would be the following:


USERNAME: JohnS7890@WilliamAMorrisIS61.org


PASSWORD: 234567890 (your unique OSIS #)


Once you have activated your account, click the plus sign (+) in the top right-hand corner to “join” your first IS61 Google Classroom: “CLASS OF 2024”.


Enter class code: 5nlvrmt

You may already see the “Class of 2024” classroom in your account. If so, click ACCEPT/JOIN to join this Classroom!


If you are having trouble logging-on, we are here to support you. Please email our Parent Coordinator, Kim Lucchesi, KLucchesi@schools.nyc.gov with your technical questions or concerns.


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