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Dress Code

SCHOOL DRESS CODE: Through implementing a uniform dress code, the emphasis on academic excellence can be enhanced while minimizing pressure on students because of their style of dress. For boys and girls:

  • All shirts should have sleeves (either long or short) and should fall at least three inches below the waistband of the student’s pants. The following are prohibited: racer back tank tops, spaghetti straps, halter/off the shoulder tops, strapless tops, midriffs and torn jeans are not permitted. Under garments may not be visible.
  • Boys may wear jeans, dress slacks, or walking style shorts (which should not be more than an inch or two above the kneecap in length). Girls may wear jeans (no rips above the knee), skirts, capri style pants and walking style shorts. Skirts, dresses and shorts must be no more than two inches above the kneecap in length. Pajama style pants are not permitted. Waistbands of pants must be worn at the waist, sagging of pants is not permitted.
  • Students may wear shoes or sneakers. No platform, slippers or backless shoes are permitted for safety reasons. Shoelaces must be tied at all times.
  • Students may not wear see-through, fishnet, or low-cut shirts or blouses of any type. Shirts, blouses, pants, etc. are not to have any holes, writing, logos, designs, or pictures which are inappropriate or which are offensive in any way. Logos across the buttocks are not permitted.
  • Students may not wear any objects that cover their foreheads or hair. Scrunchies, barrettes, hair clips may be worn. Students may not place any ornamental material on their faces or hair, which covers his/her natural hair, or in any way covers or disguises their appearance. Hats, headbands, head scarves or any type of headwear are not to be worn inside the building.
  • Students may not wear bandanas around their necks or hang them from belts, pockets, or waist. Bandanas may not be tied around legs or arms.
  • Students may not wear ornamental jewelry, beaded necklaces, belts, chains or other objects, which may cause harm to other students.
  • Students may not wear gloves of any type (on hands or other parts of the body) during the school day.
  • School Spirit clothing must not be altered in any manner.

CODE VIOLATIONS: Students who violate the dress code will be sent to the grade dean. Religious observers are exempt from those sections of the code, which are in contradiction to their religious beliefs. The grade dean will notify parents/guardians by phone or letter of the code violation. Parents/guardians may be asked to bring to school proper attire for his or her child. There are no exceptions to the dress code during the course of the school year. (This includes, but is not limited to hair dye, face paint, face stickers, etc.)


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